~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~
~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~

24/7 Commercial Electrical Repairs To Keep Your Business Running

Commercial electrical repairs, if performed improperly, can be costly for your business in multiple ways.  Customers are inconvenienced, employees are unproductive, and revenue stops when electricians are unable to restore power.

Safety may even be an issue since electrocution and fire are potential dangers when commercial electrical repairs are done hastily or inadequately.

Keep the power flowing to your business with commercial electrical repairs by the professionals at A.S.F. Electric, Inc.  We are available to rescue large and small businesses in electricity-related  emergencies, 24 hours a day, year-round.

Our electricians respond to calls promptly and come well-equipped with replacement components, regardless of the problem.

We are experts at identifying the source of power outages and restoring electricity to your business quickly.  Once we’ve fixed the problem, we make recommendations on how you can avoid future outages or system failures.

For more than 40 years, A.S.F. Electric, Inc. has kept businesses in the Bay Area running with reliable commercial electrical repairs.  We are the contractor dynamic companies know they can count on to handle everything from simple wiring problems to breakdowns of a large building’s critical systems.

Call the Bay Area Commercial Electrical Repair Experts at 650-755-9032

You can keep the costs of commercial electrical repairs low by watching for signs that your business’s power system is malfunctioning.

Electrical problems are indicated by many symptoms, including lights that dim when something else is turned on, or equipment that operates sporadically or shocks users.  The sooner potential problems are identified, the more likely your A.S.F. Electric, Inc. professional will be able to help you avert a shutdown.

Prevent unwanted shutdowns due to power interruptions with periodic assessments of your power system.  A.S.F. Electric, Inc. provides regular checkups, including energy audits, to businesses of all sizes to ensure electrical systems are functioning at peak efficiency.

A.S.F. Electric, Inc. is based in Daly City and performs commercial electrical repairs for customers in the service area including the counties of San Francisco and San Mateo, and parts of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and Santa Clara counties.

If you need emergency commercial electrical repairs, or want to avoid power outages in the future, call A.S.F. Electric, Inc. today at 650-755-9032.