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~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~

E-MON D-MON Energy Management Systems

Electric Submetering to Monitor, Manage, and Reduce Electricity Costs

Use E-MON D-MON kWh/Demand meters to track usage in your facility.

The E-MON D-MON kWh/Demand meter is a fully electronic, easy to read kWh/Demand meter that installs in minutes without power interruption.  The E-MON D-MON submetering monitor is perfect for applications where peak electrical demand charges become an issue.

Here are some examples of successful E-MON D-MON installations:

Educational Facilities Power Usage

  • Student housing, dorm rooms, suites and building electrical monitoring allow for accurate billing and departmental allocation based on actual usage.

Retail Malls and Multi-store Locations

  • Coffee shops and diners use different amounts of power than stores and standard retail.  Isolate power consumption for accurate costs.

Facilities and Multi-tenant Locations

  • Submeters provide accurate data and usage information on time intervals or snapshots, allowing for power consumption determination down to the tenant, circuit, or piece of equipment.  Managers can monitor HVAC system usage and performance during after-hours for allocating and recovering costs from tenants.

The use of E-MON D-MON submeters eliminates arbitrary power allocation and unfair fees to low-power consumers.  Tenants can also achieve measurable savings from power-saving practices they may install and manage.

Contact A.S.F. Electric, Inc. for a power usage analysis of your educational, manufacturing, retail, medical, or commercial facilities.