~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~
~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are Good Business

A Commercial Energy Audit Can Bolster Your Company’s Bottom Line

An energy audit with ASF Electric, Inc. can save your company thousands of dollars in ways you’ve never imagined.  Our energy audits create an overall portrait of your facility’s electrical usage, graphically illustrating how you can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line by taking practical, inexpensive measures today.

Learn more about how you can cut your operating costs by reducing electrical usage. Call us today at 650-755-9032 to schedule a cost-effective energy audit with the professionals at ASF Electric, Inc..

How An Energy Audit Can Save You Money

A comprehensive energy audit can result in signicant long-term savings for your company. Some common recommendations:

  • Company-wide computer and HVAC systems often can be upgraded in small ways to become more energy-efficient. Tweaking computer power options and regular cleanings of HVAC systems are effective, cost-cutting measures.
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting, occupancy sensors and timers cut costs without sacrificing the lighting that your employees need.
  • Training helps employees develop habits that reduce energy consumption while keeping productivity high.

Federal and state tax breaks, credits and rebates may be available when you take steps to improve the energy efficiency of your business.

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For more information on our money-saving energy audits, call us at 650-755-9032.