~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~
~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~

Fire / Life Safety Systems

A.S.F. Electric, Inc. designs and installs fire and life safety systems for industrial, commercial, medical, and educational facilities.  The systems include comprehensive fire alarm systems, life safety systems, and the latest VESDA systems.  We manage complete review, recommendation, and installation of these systems – from engineering to design and permits, installation, testing, and final inspection.

A.S.F. Electric, Inc. also offers support and maintenance of all systems we install, including annual testing, post construction documentation updates, and ongoing assurance that the systems meet the latest NFPA standards.

Fire Alarm Systems
A.S.F. Electric, Inc. is a turnkey fire alarm solution installer, with expertise in basic systems through the most complex and complete systems.  A.S.F. Electric, Inc. will evaluate your specific needs based on current and future activities at your facility.

Fire safety systems may be monitored locally or remotely, based on city and federal requirements.  We manage complete design, permitting, installation, testing, and maintenance services.  A.S.F. Electric, Inc. is on-call 24/7 for all repair and service of fire alarm systems.

Life Safety Systems
A.S.F. Electric, Inc. designs and installs life safety systems – providing tenants and visitors assistance in evacuating buildings in case of emergency.  A.S.F. Electric, Inc. verifies that all life safety systems meet all city, federal, and industry standards.  These may include lighting, air handling, sound warnings, door/window security, and more.

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