~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~
~ After-Hours Emergency Service Number : (855) ASF-HELP ~

Mobile Communication Centers

Mobile communications centers must be both reliable and versatile, whether they are used as emergency communications centers or portable temporary worksites to manage remote projects.

You can depend on ASF Electric, Inc. for professional wiring, installation and support of mobile communication centers of any size and for virtually any purpose. We can provide dependable power for new, ultra-modern mobile communications centers that include the very latest in voice, video, and data technology.

We can also save you money by upgrading existing mobile communications centers with our precision electrical work.

ASF Electric Inc.’s experience in all types of electrical services and constant employee training allows us to keep pace with the changing requirements of today’s compact, computer-based mobile communications centers.

Emergency Communications Centers

Emergency Communication Centers for San Francisco Bay AreaGovernment and other critical support entities need to be confident that especially in crisis situations when their services are most needed by the public, their mobile communications centers will have the power needed to access important data and stay in touch with the home office, employees, and emergency workers.

When you depend on emergency communications centers to operate at peak efficiency in a variety of environments and on a sporadic basis, call the experts at ASF Electric, Inc. at 650-755-9032.

We’ll make sure your mobile communications centers function like a conventional office, outfitted with radio, phones, printers, video monitors, computers, even servers and other communications tools vital to any emergency situation.

ASF Electric, Inc., is a full-service, woman-owned company specializing in contract work for commercial, industrial, residential and lighting maintenance work since 1971. Based in Daly City, we serve San Francisco and San Mateo counties and also provide services to Oakland and San Bruno communities.